Fees for portfolio management services are assessed as a percentage of the account assets under management, calculated, invoiced and payable quarterly in arrears according to the following schedule:

Discretionary account management:

  • Assets Under ManagementFee
  • First $500,0001.00% per year
  • Next $1,500,0000.75% per year
  • Balance over $2,000,0000.50% per year

The normal account minimum of $1 million is negotiable based upon adviser-client relationship and at the sole discretion of the investment adviser.

Fees will be pro-rated for services terminated prior to a quarter’s end.

Additional fees: The fees paid to the adviser for portfolio management do not include other, related costs that the client may incur. Such additional costs may include brokerage commissions or fees and mutual fund commissions or fees. The adviser does not receive any portion of these commissions or fees and is compensated solely through the investment advisory fee.